About Us

For 6 generations we have been a proud family of Master Bakers, using traditional recipes and techniques passed down, whilst incorporating modern twists, and incorporating new ideas from our travels.  As a family of bakers we have developed our techniques whilst sticking to our core values of quality and freshness.  Our motto is “If it’s not good enough for our family, it’s not good enough for our customers”.  We use only the finest quality fresh natural ingredients, sourced locally, as much as possible.  A family business passionate about its industry, with a team of highly skilled, experienced technicians dedicated to their craft.  Inspired by our travels around the United Kingdom and abroad, we love to incorporate different flavours and recipes into our various lines.  We strive to keep moving forward with up and coming trends whilst sticking to our traditional roots


Sam Ayre is a chocolatier who has worked and qualifyied with some of the best chocolatiers in Europe. He uses the finest Belgian chocolate & natural ingredients for his hand-made creations.